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Music Is The Weapon:
The Life of Fela Kuti

Director: Melina Matsoukas
Development: Focus Features

Human activist, sexual revolutionary, and political maverick. One of the most controversial musicians of the 20th century, Fela Kuti was the king of Afro-beat, a fusion of jazz, funk, psychedelic rock, and Yoruba chants and rhythms. Taking on Nigeria’s rapidly changing and often corrupt country in the ‘70’s, Fela’s legacy as a charismatic visionary continues to inspire the contemporary hip-hop world, and generations of artists who believe in the power of music as a weapon.


Two Brothers

Writer & Director: Bahman Ghobadi

A feature adaptation of Ghobadi’s film “Sometimes Look Up”, Two Brothers is the story of 45-year-old conjoined twins JAMSHID and JAMAL, who travel for the very first time from rural Iran to Las Vegas in order to have a medical separation. Jamal and Jamshid, abandoned in the woods as babies in rural Iran, were raised by Haji, a spiritual leader. In their small Iranian hometown, the brothers, now booksellers and lovers of poetry, have grown up to have different values and outlooks on life. Jamal is extremely pious and Jamshid is... not. They love each other dearly, but as they are conjoined at the back of their heads, they can never see what the other sees.



Writer & Director: Mark Friedberg

Graffito is a magically real adventure that journeys deep into the imagination of a boy named Tony. He learns of a story about a gang of street artist outlaws, led by the mysterious Scribe, and dives into the world of graffiti art. Sputtering dust from a spray can starts to twinkle and becomes a cloud that is infused with light. In a heroic quest to find his father, Tony creates a wild imaginary life and discovers he can envision the world as he dreams it to be.


Hot Bread Kitchen

A dramatic television series inspired by the true story of The Hot Bread Kitchen, a bakery in East Harlem.

The themes of family, food, and female empowerment run deep with Hot Bread Kitchen, a new female-driven, multi-ethnic, drama series centered around the real-life East Harlem bakery of Hot Bread Kitchen. With the business as its unifying hub, the show will encompass both the back stories and current day-to-day highs and lows of the bakery's founder and it's diverse cast of bakers from countries including Mexico, Iran, Morocco, Poland, Brazil, and more.


Odd Girl Out

Writer: Jane Anderson
Cast: Rachel Weisz, Lily Tomlin

Odd Girl Out is the story of Ann Weldy - aka Ann Bannon - a gracious, college-educated Philadelphia housewife and mother who led a secret life writing lesbian pulp fiction. Unknown to her family, Ann strains against her sense of confinement, feeling trapped by an unequal marriage, the social strictures of the times, and the demands of motherhood - and yearns for an expanded, more worldly existence in which she can live as her authentic self. She experiences the mystifying, electrifying world of pre-Stonewall Greenwich Village, and encounters the brave and complicated women striving to live gay lives in a hostile dangerous world. Ann finds release in writing her books where she plays out her repressed sexuality by stepping into her character Beth, her emotional doppelganger. Ann Bannon's colorful pulp fiction filled the racks of drugstore and trains station new stands in the 1950's and early 1960's when gay men and women lived in the shadows.



The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Queen of Katwe

The Lunchbox

Cutie And The Boxer

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

You Don't Know Jack

The Namesake


The Darjeeling Limited

Vanity Fair

First Ladies of Wrestling

Iron Jawed Angels


11'9"01 September 11

Hysterical Blindness

Disappearing Acts

Jesus's Son

Cradle Will Rock

Reno Finds Her Mom

Chinese Box

Kama Sutra

The Perez Family

Pets or Meat: The Return to Flint

Mississippi Masala

My New Gun

Longtime Companion

The Kill Off


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